Iran-Africa Economic and Investment Conference

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The Iranian-African Economic and Investment Summit with the participation of more than 600 private and public sector activists from Iran and Africa was held on Sunday, November 7, at the International Symposium on Broadcasting.
Iran-Africa Economic and Investment Conference with the aim of establishing interconnection between Iran and Africa businessmen, creating an appropriate environment for more communication among traders and authorities, and creating a framework for trade exchanges and providing business-relevant economic information needed by businessmen and businesses in Iran.
The conference was held with the aim of establishing a link between businessmen and government custodians from Iran and Africa, as well as providing practical information to businessmen and economic activists of both sides, the secretary of the conference held in an exclusive conversation with the reporter of TV and Radio.
“With regard to the market capacities of Africa, our contribution is insignificant, and we are striving to participate in the country’s economic conditions and encourage the private sector,” he said, emphasizing that the banking and transportation issues are a problem with our trade relations with Africa. This market will provide the necessary information to the activists of this section.
Pointing out the government’s approach to the sixth program and attracting foreign investment, the chairman of the Foreign Investment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance said: “The foreign investment law of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the best laws for attracting foreign investment in the world, and almost all the political risks of projects We guarantee foreign investors and there are many facilities and incentives for foreign investors in this law.
Also has been said that “In Iran, we do not have any restrictions on the registration of companies in the name of foreign nationals and the ownership of shares, and the foreign investor can register the project in the name of the company and establish the company; even the possibility of transferring capital, dividends and the resulting benefits and the possibility of real investment And there are legal rights for them.
Iran’s overall policy is to achieve 20-year growth in four axes of active interaction with the world, effective presence in regional and trans-regional markets, creating a secure environment for economic activists and realizing the competitiveness of the country’s economy in domestic and foreign markets.
foreign investors are subject to export incentives, depending on the type and area they are trading.
Ehsani, a well-known Iranian businessman with a record in the African market, said the entire African continent from Chad, which is considered to be the poorest in South Africa and Kenya, which is considered the most economically viable country in the continent, has a good capacity to supply Iranian products. has it.
He added: “Unfortunately, as a result of the sanctions, many of our markets have been lost and our regional rivals have been replaced. However, given the good reception of Iranian goods in Africa, we believe that in the context of serious support from economic activists, we can regain a share of the loss. Gone.
The president of the Friendship Association of Iran and Côte d’Ivoire also told us about Africa as a complement to the Iranian economy and said: “From the lowest to the best of Iran’s products available in the African market, we think that in Africa, the poor and miserable people of life They are wrong, Africa can be a good market for our automotive industry, while in many cities and streets in the West African countries now drive second hand vehicles.
Dasgheib added: 120 Iranian Iveco bus buses were sold to Ivory Coast and now Abidjan Buslines known as Iran Khodro, each packet of antibiotic drugs offered here at low prices is sold in Africa for $ 10 to $ 18, so We must remove barriers and facilitate trade with Africa for effective presence on the market.

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