tourism capital of Asia

Hamedan city in 2018 year will be selected as ‘’tourism capital of Asia’’ and in line with this aim, tourism ministers of 34 Asian countries come to Hamedan.
“General director of Hamedan cultural heritage”
Ali Malmir “general manager of cultural heritage and tourism and handmade industries of Hamedan” declared that Hamedan was selected as tourism capital of Asia on behalf of Islamic Republic of Iran. He restated that Hamedan has heretofore been selected as the meeting host of the dependant members of global tourism organization too that in the future autumn, Hamedan province will be the host of such an international event by the attendance of 500 members from 146 countries of the world.
He explained that since Hamedan has some unique historical cultural heritages such as Hegmataneh and natural tourism capacities, it can be a proper host for international events. Hegmataneh hill which has placed a subterraneous city in itself is located in northern part and old structure of Hamedan city at the end of Ekbatan Street. Such an ancient hill has an antiquity equal to 3 thousand years and with a space around 30 hectare is the widest ancient hill of Iran (considering the parts which are not a component of ancient hill but residential buildings have presently been constructed over them, it has also a space more than 40 hectare). Such an ancient environment due consideration to historical mentions and primitive inferences of archaeologists and researchers has some artworks of different historical periods especially Medieval, Achaemenid and Parthian periods.
This hill has many times been excavated by internal and external archaeologists during the recent one hundred years. The history of scientific excavations in this hill goes back to 1913 ad that a French board on behalf of Louvre Museum of Paris with the supervision of Fossey did some excavations in Hegmataneh hill. But the results of such excavations were never published. During 10 implemented excavations from 1983 to 1999 that about 14 thousand square meters of this hill were explored, one of the most ancient human civilization periods has been revealed. A long barrier to the height of 9 meters and two great and unique towers have also been explored inside that. During scientific explorations which were implemented with the supervision of Dr Mohammad Rahim Sarraf during such years, a big checkered city was identified inside Hegmataneh hill. Constructions of such an ancient city include the passages in parallel distances between which quite similar and parallel buildings have been constructed. Such a unique collection in addition to water supply equipment has a brick made barrier to a diameter of about 10 meters that has some great towers in fixed intervals. Basic structure of ancient city is adobe and in some parts it is made of brick.

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