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Hotel reservation services
BGS travel hotel reservation services are internationally serving our clients and customers both from Iran and abroad with the aim of helping them to choose the best services that they could get . our customers have right to choose their stay from guest houses and traditional houses to 1-5 star hotels.
Here are some suggested hotels and residential places :




There are CIP and VIP lounges in the departure terminal of international airport “Imamkhomeini” and we will arrange it for you. The CIP hall service is free of charge for the business class passengers and categories of passengers according to the approved list.
VIP lounge services are used by official delegations, which are pre-applied for the service . and that could be arranged too.
To order CIP and VIP services please call 00989905379879, or send a written request (by fax) to the above telephone numbers.
You can also send a request by e-mail





Both international and domestic flight tickets:
BGS travel arranges you a safe , easy and fast both international and domestic flight ticketing, fit to your budget and needs.




Whether you’re in Iran for a business conference, vacation, live here or are just passing through, we can provide transportation to you such as Car rental, transfer from any place to any destination are among other services we provide to our Iranian and foreign clients.
Furthermore, there are frequent flights connecting all the major cities across the country.
Flying is the preferred means of transportation when leaving from Tehran To Mashhad or to Isfahan, Shiraz<Bandar Abbas ,Kish island and other cities in Iran. When travelling between Tehran and Mashhad or Mazandaran or other cities as well , bullet trains provide the fastest and most comfortable option with several bullet trains running every day. There are also cheap highway buses available for those on a budget, so each visitor can make transportation plans according to their own needs and desires.
A special service available for every passenger and every one in Iran is the Tehran Metro ,a rapid transit system serving Tehran, the capital of Iran., allowing its user a convenient and especially cheap way to ride the bullet train or use the Iran Railway to comfortably get around all over Iran.



We Ensure that your arrive to your destination on time, every time with professional transportation services from any place with  Car Service and Transportation. BGS travel helps you to know drivers who can take you from the airport, as well as your home, hotel, or office. They will  monitor all flights so that we are there when you arrive, whether your flight is on time or in the event of a delay.




Trains have been gaining popularity In Iran as well. Between all  Public Transportations, Trains  Plus, a scenic ride can even be a vacation in itself too. Trains are providing Facilitating access and also are an increasingly cost-effective alternative to planes, particularly if you’re going a relatively short distance or if you’re traveling in the busy seasons, where train service is fast and frequent. While some rates are quite competitive .Again when many long-haul trains require reservations, many short trips don’t, so you can simply show up at the station the day of your trip and grab a ticket for the next train — without paying an exorbitant last-minute fare. Trains are more energy-efficient per passenger mile than planes or cars, making them one of the most eco-friendly transportation options around. Iran has many railways to offer that connects many cities like Mashhad to Tehran, Mazandaran, shiraz, Bandar Abbas and more together.



Education in Iran:The growth of higher education in Iran over the past few decades has been highlighted, and the story behind it has been quite fascinating. While Iran’s current university system provides plenty of opportunity for undergraduate study,  also the tendency of foreigners to study in Iran has increased and some international  universities has been and  created .such as :
Chabahar International University:
Sanati Sharif International Univercity:
Pardis international university in Kish Island:
 and  for more you can visit



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