This city is located northern Iran,  south of the Alborz Mountains and north of the Desert on the way to Tehran to Khorasan. bounded by the ostans of Raẕavi Khorāsān and South Khorāsān on the east, Eṣfahān on the south, Qom and Tehrān on the west, and Māzandarān and North Khorāsān on the north. The northern half of the region is an extension of the Elburz Mountains pierced by narrow defiles; to the south the land surface drops gradually by shallow terraces to the flat salt waste of the Kavīr-e Namak. The climate is cold and temperate with the Area 37,641 square miles (97,491 square km).
 The city is from the east with the cities of Damghan Shahrud, north to Drezzin, Mahdishahr and Shahmirzad, and from the west with neighbor Sorkha. Its distance to Tehran is 216 km and it is connected to the Tehran-Mashhad national railway and has two airports (one commercial and one military). Semnan is the most populous city in the province of Semnan. The people of Semnan are Arabs and speak Persian and Simanic languages.
The city of Semnan has 7 most famous neighborhoods called Spenjan (Spenjan), Latibar or Siser, Shajj or the current Jihad, Nassar, Zavghan, Kushmaghan, Kadivar, Omranco and Malhi also some historical , cultural places and Museums that worth to mention .
The most important Semnan historical sights:
Masjed Jame Semnan, Masjed Jame Zavaghan E Semnan,Menar Saljooghi, Imam Mousque, Pahne Garmabe (Bath), Thermal Museum in Semnan,  Gate of Semnan Citadel,Semnan Bazar(Market), The dead Market, Forty Girls Tower(Borj E Chel Dokhtaran), Saro castles, Ahvan Caravanserai, Shah Soleimani Caravanserai Ahvan,Caribbean Shah Abbasi, Tomb of Darvish Mahmood,  Cemetery of Sannada
Museums: Thermal Museum in Semnan, Park of the Holy Defense Museum of Semnan, Museum of Contemporary Art of the East,  Semnan Wildlife Museum, Semnan Province Coin Museum.



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