Every adventurer traveler who aims to visit Iran , probably have a personal tick-list of great Iran deserts , jungles or even in mountainous wildlife not to miss on safari, BGS Travel  can plan your trip to give you choices in how you travel and where to stay. Although Safari is new in Iran’s tourism segment, but our specialists keep in close contact with our local guides to make sure we can give you accurate advice on how to get best desert, jungle and mountain rides you want to encounter. New packages are always springing up too, and BGS Travel hand-pick’s  the best in each destination and can suggest places to stay that are as luxurious or remote as you’d like. You can enjoy your safari trip from the back of a 4×4 with our Team either – have a great self-drive and even have the best place for a walking safari. Whatever your preferences, the BGS travel specialists know the options. The joy of speed between the desert sands, the excitement of driving in the natural pose is no obstacle to us. Naturally, there is a high capacity in each Iran’s nature corners to create this thrill. From Shahrood to the desert of Maranjab and Chara (Varzaneh), the desert of Egypt In Isfahan and desert areas of Qeshm and Kish or other places that travelers wish.
Before we offer or recommend it to you, we experience what a wildlife trip in Iran would be like. Unlike other wildlife tour operators, we don’t rely on the experiences and knowledge of others. From the rural and rugged Yazd or Isfahan to the green carpeted Gilan or Mazandaran, our travel teams have explored it all and this makes us the genuine specialists of Iran’s wildlife parks and deserts .
Our team  doesn’t recommend whatever simply comes its way. Our travel teams make the real efforts to handpick the best wildlife adventures that would leave you thrilled and satisfied to the core. At the same time, we focus on our tourists’ comfort, safety and convenience while choosing the best transport modes, safari options, local guides, accommodations and other options. In our overland journey, BGS travel knows where is the best destination for the safari tour in  each cities to recommend .such as :Forests , Mountains and deserts in cities :Yazd, Isfahan ,Kish island ,Gilan, Mazandaran ,Qeshm and even Tehran to observe and photograph wildlife—or hiking, safari drive and sight-seeing as well.




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