Annually religious tourists travel to Iran for these top tree destinations : Mashahad ,ghom and Jamkaran.
people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage Imam Reza, Hazrat Masoome, Emamzade Saleh and other Shia precious  religious leaders Toms, missionary historical places, Zoroastrianism  temples too , but mostly Religious travelers who aim to visit Iran are Muslims from neighbor countries for pilgrimage purposes . in this regard BGS Travel has developed and arranged special religious tour by our specialist, young, potential and faithful group in the segment of religious tours, providing all facilities needed for pilgrims to be a pleasant stay in Iran for them.
Modern religious tourists are more able to visit holy cities and holy sites around Iran for a few reasons: to understand and appreciate their religion through a tangible experience, to feel secure about their religious beliefs, and to connect personally to the holy city. exclusively or strongly motivated for religious reasons. and it also introduces the Iran’s phenomenon of religious history, it can be differentiated into various forms. The short-term religious tourism is distinguished by excursions to nearby pilgrimage centers or religious conferences. The long-term describes visits of several days or weeks to the most popular and international pilgrimage sites or conferences and the oldest pilgrims in Iran. Organizational forms of religious tourism can be distinguished by definitive characteristics such as number of participants, choice of transport, seasonal travel, and social structure. Mashhad is the most popular destination for Shia and pilgrimage tourist in Iran.





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