Kish Island

Almost everyone likes to travel to other countries and experience new things but sometimes going to the process of getting a visa could be exhausting, but why not go to places that do not require a visa. if that’s what keeping back from as adventure. Kish is a small resort island about 20 kilometers of the seven coast of Iran in Persian Gulf and a part of Hormozgan Province that visitors from any country or region can enter without a visa and the authorities charge no taxes .Kish has been a free trade and industrial zone since 1993 providing domestic a foreign business with favorable economic conditions such as any investor can have 20 year free tax fee and custom exceptions for their import and export in the region and other advantages too.
This beautiful sunny tropical island on the Persian Gulf, full of fun things to do, see and buy has a lot to offer. This island is the favorite domestic destination of Iranian. For fun to entertainment to relaxation.
Kish Island is the third most visited vacation destination in Southwest Asia after Dubai and Sharm el-Sheikh. Foreign nationals wishing to enter Kish Free Zone from legal ports are not required to obtain visas prior to travel. Valid travel permits are stamped for 14 days by airport and Kish port police officials.
BGS Travel has got to show you some interesting sights. Kish Island is one of the top tourist attractions in Iran, which has featured a combination of tradition and modernity. The indigenous people of the island have delicious local cuisine that reflects the ancient culture and culture of the peoples of this land. inform the wildlife and natural environment of this charming Island, its architecture, the shopping centers, the culture, food, music, dance, the wildlife, nature and all water play grounds that you can enjoy in this sunshine coast in Iran.
Kish population: It has an estimated population of 26,000 residents and about 1 million people visit the island annually
Kish geographic: Kish is a 91.5-square-kilometre resort island in the Persian Gulg off the southern coast of Iran. It is part of the Bandar Lengeh City in hormozgan Province of Iran. Owing to its free trade zone status it is touted as a consumer’s paradise, with numerous malls, shopping centres, tourist attractions, and resort hotels.
Kish culture: Like other islands of the Persian Gulf, Kish has been exposed to a wide range of world cultures since the past. On the other hand, Kish Island alone has a number of indigenous, linguistic, and religious groups. While these groups have been peaceful and culturally close to each other throughout history, each of them has retained important parts of its own culture.
The culture of each region indicates its identity and background, knowledge of the culture and past of the people is an area of ​​interesting and useful information that can be of interest to anyone and meeting with the indigenous people of a region for many tourists. Kish tours are an unforgettable memory. And attractive. In the cavernous area you can meet the hard-working and indigenous As part of the tourist and business development of the island, part of these people have turned to service, while others are livelihoods in the traditional way. Sailing, fishing, pearlfish Fishing is an indigenous occupation of the island. The main tools of the Kish Fishing are Fishing Fishing, Gregor and Hook. But in addition, the use of “Mishtah” and spear, and even hand-arm fishing, is also widely used. Local and native merchants are working on the Safin market. The traditional architecture and space of this market remind traditional and old markets of Iran’s mainland. Almost all women, men and children in this neighborhood use traditional clothes. The local men’s clothing is “Dhdshash” and “Ghatra”, and women “wearing” are worn “down” or (burqa) on their faces. The most important festivals are Eid al-Adha and Eid Ghadir. The main instrument of the local “Haban”, “Rey Anbun” and “Dahl”.
Traditional native jobs are fishing, livestock, seafaring, and trade, and in the past they also hunted pearls. The main tools of the Kish Fishing are Fishing Fishing, Gregor and Hook. But in addition, the use of “Mishtah” and spear, and even hand-arm fishing, is also widely used.
The most important ceremonies that can be considered in this section are: mourning ceremonies, weddings, native ceremonies, religious celebrations, Nowruz, Semi-Sha’ban, Semi-Ramadan, End of Zero, …
Kish food: Fish always play a significant role in providing food to people who live near the sea. Smash Mashui is also a specialty for the island of Kish, where local people cook it.
Kish Art, music and dance: Among these customs is a variety of dances that seem to be beneficial for the treatment of certain winds and the treatment of diseases. Apparently, ideas about the winds through Ethiopia (Habsheh) have come up in Islamic lands, and similar ideas are found in Iran in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Oman as “Zar”. Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia believe that the earth is one of the evil spirits who live in rivers and springs, and sometimes in the human body. Performing some ceremonies, especially types of dances, forces these spirits to leave the human body. This practice is usually carried out by a woman and the ceremony lasts several hours a day. Dance with small and big drums. In Somalia, there is the same dance called “Sar”. The special ceremonies of the mourning ceremony of Muharram are the same for the Shiite and Sunni local Kish Island. Sunnis will fast on the ninth day of Muharram, and on the tenth day they will take part in mourning ceremonies of the Shiites, but they will not chest. The beliefs and beliefs of indigenous peoples about the pruning of green space experts in the Free Trade Organization argued that the Lore tree could not be pruned, and cutting its branches, the yellow tree would disappear and disappear. When they talk to the natives in the opinion of the experts, they say: “Yes, it’s true, they get the branches of the tree with the saws. While we do this with the ax. If he is supposed to cut someone’s hand, who will he choose? Saw or ax? The pain that Laure brushes when he brushes with pruning makes it dry. “Thus, they speak of an emotional attitude about the effect of creating heat when cutting branches with a saw that is the source of yellowish trees. The summer festival is held every year on Kish Island for fun and fun festivals, the most important of which is the implementation of the summer festival, which starts on the fifteenth day of July and ends on the fifteenth of September, with all the departments of accommodation and services with special discounts. And ceremony, music and lighting, attract travelers and tourists from this year’s season to Kish Island.
Kish Island, like all parts of Iran, has its own specialty. The artistic work of any particular region of that area is a recipe for travel. Small sea craftsmen or beautiful signs of Kish Island are the perfect choice for your souvenirs to your loved ones. The inhabitants of the island with the taste of the sea remnants such as snail shells, shellfish, fish bones and … are making interesting gadgets. These decorations, which include jewelry or accessories, jacquards, small casks, small boats and … can be a good souvenir for women and children.
Kish wildlife: Like other islands of Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz area has tropical vegetation islands, especially the Northern Hemisphere. Parts of the island of Kish are covered with trees and shrubs. Usually these trees are scattered and far away. Because of this, less water evaporates from the tree and resists intense heat and sunlight.
Kish fruits : There are about ten varieties of vegetation on the island that can be seen as the names of these plants:
Palm trees and coconut trees, yarrow, red, five-fingered, yellow apple. Winter is the season of growing edible fungi on the island of Kish, which is very tasty and precious.
Kish natural attractions: Sights of Kish, Gulf Coral: Water sports, jet sky, dolphin park, safari park, wild nature, culture centers, architecture, shopping centers, celebrity road

Kish attractions: Beach and recreational parks, sand and coral beaches, the zoo, the aquarium, the bird garden, the dolphinarium, the Kariz underground city, the harbor hut, the recreational ships, as well as the Greek sleds, are the spectacular views of the island attracting the attention of tourists.
The island has many facilities such as horseback riding, a 70km bike ride, carting, diving, jet skiing, flying board, parasols and water skiing. In addition, numerous shopping centers are built on the island, which, along with other recreational amenities, attract all the tastes.
Kish Aquarium, Gulf Fish World
Summer Festival in Kish island: Every year, on the island of Kish, festivals are held, the most important of which is the implementation of the summer festival, which starts from the fifteenth day of July, and ends on the fifteenth of September, during which all departments of accommodation and service It has special discounts and attracts ritual and music and light-emitting dishes, travelers and tourists from this year’s season to Kish Island.
Kish shopping malls: In these shopping centers, various products are sold, including clothing, food, cosmetics, and electronic products and electrical appliances. But if you like to buy native products as souvenirs, various crafts are also available on the island for sale. Various agricultural products, including a variety of dates and citrus, make up another part of the island’s souvenirs.

Kish souvenirs: special island Spice, Handicrafts, honey and dates are the most famous souvenirs of southern Iran, which includes the island of Kish. These spices combine spices from green sprouts, saffron stalks, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, Roman anemones, cloves, gooseberries, jujube roots, turmeric, coriander, cumin, lemon round, Golmohammadi, sweet peppers, Indian nutmeg, curry, coriander, cumin, ginger and thyme, etc. Each of the ingredients is for different foods including tasting chicken, fish, cutlet, stew, etc..
One of the special souvenirs is honey, because the taste of honey in the south is very different with mountain honey because the nature of these two areas cannot be compared and it is necessary to taste of these different honey and to buy some of it as a souvenir Enjoy its pure flavor. Certainly one of the most famous and delicious southern dates, in general, the name of the southern tabernacle, which comes after its lush green stalks and stalls, is in mind. Crops are offered in various forms of packaging or branch, including Kharg, products made of dates it, including date chips, date honey, date sauce, and …. If you travel to Kish, do not forget about the first grade dates for yourself and relatives. If you want to know the benefits of dates, it can be said that the dates are rich in vitamins C, E, B, A, plus phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, and iodine. The dates are both a perfect meal and a wonderful souvenir!

Geshm Island :

Qeshm is the largest island of Iran in the Persian Gulf, hot and humid and vividly beautiful.
The island is northward of Bandar Abbas, one of the islands of Hormozgan province, which is the largest island of Iran and the Persian Gulf in the Strait of Hormuz and has long belonged to Iran .
With all the natural and historical attractions, Qeshm can invite you to a  place that  you can find peace of mind! When you go to Qeshm you feel like this with all the way! It’s not traffic, not the tempting showcases that harass you, and not the entertainment that hurts soul and body just for a few hours. Other than its attractive beaches and mangrove forests, the island is also home to the minority Bandari people. Qeshm island retains some of the traditions that many other parts of the Persian Gulf have lost. In this article you will find about the construction of old ‘lenj’ vessels, wooden cargo boats that used to cross the Gulf.
The island is famous for its eye catching wind towers with their unique architecture too. The towers are designed to cool inside the building , in fact they direct the cool wind into houses and despite having modern air conditioning still the locals prefer wind tower to make their houses cool in summer.
Another famous thing about Qeshm is its Gold wells. The reason that locals call these wells Gold is that water is as precious as Gold in hot areas. The wells next to each other bring spectacular scenery  to the the old days in hot and dry places like Qeshm island people use to drill holes on earth or rocks to construct a well to store the rain water. these wells keep the water cool and healthy for a long time.they used to make 366 water wells one for each day of the leap year and now there are about seventy of them still used by the locals. According to some historians these wells in Qeshm are from the Achaemenes and Sassanid periods. 

The choice of Qeshm as the main base for the development of Qeshm’s commercial-industrial free zone has added to the importance of this city.  The total population of Qeshm Island is 98.289. Qeshm is a peaceful and relaxing , calm island at the seaside of Oman Sea. Perhaps this natural and virgin beauty has made this region one of the most popular areas for living and working in Iran

Investment advantages in Qeshm are:
1. 30-year tax deduction for companies operating in the region.
2. Exemption from payment of any customs duties and commercial profits for import of raw materials, machinery and 3. spare parts for manufacturers.
4. Entry of goods made in the free zone into the country at value added.
5. Freedom of foreign investment participation up to 100%.
6. Simple rules and proper workforce.
7. Issuance of a visa for foreigners at the Free Entrance .The main language of the people of Qeshm, like all the people living in the ports and the south coast of the country and other islands, is Persian, and a special local accent that is understandable to all people and travelers traveling to the island. The local and traditional accent of Qeshm people in their towns and villages is almost the same. In general, local language is a mixture of Arabic, Persian, Portraits, Hindi and English.
religion of Qesh people is Islam ,The people of Qeshm Island (natives) are Muslims who follow the Sunni religion (Shafi’i). Religion among the people of this island has a special place and encourages its children from childhood to pray, fast and learn the Qur’an.
Qeshm Island, with an area of nearly 1500 square kilometers, has the largest beaches and coasts in the Gulf. The shores of Zaytun, Simin, Cay Islands, Souza, Elderly, Shibbaraz, Salah and Doshkou are among the most prominent beaches of Qeshm Island.
The coastal features of the island are the diversity of rocky, sandy, and muddy beaches that are found in lesser islands. Sandy beaches and Simin Shrakh are also considered as other types of beaches on Qeshm Island. The rocky olive beach, the sandy beach and the beaches of Goliath and mangroves show the diversity of Qeshm’s beaches.

The Rigo Crusoe Beach, also known as Turtle Beach, is also another beautiful beach of Qeshm Island, where turtles come to the water to breath and feed, to see dolphins in Qeshm all yo have to do is ,walk two kilometers south of the coastline of southern Qeshm Island, there you can find many clever and playful dolphin habitats that has attracted tourists interested in Qeshm and the island.

Qeshm is in the group of warm and humid areas, while relative humidity is high in Qeshm. The average annual temperature in Qeshm Island is about 26 ° C, with an average maximum and minimum daily temperature of 33 ° C and 18 ° C, respectively. The seasonal temperature difference is very high. The warmest periods are 10 July to 10 September and the coldest months are D & V. At Qeshm Island, maximum and minimum absolute temperatures have been recorded at 46 and 16 degrees Celsius Vegetation.
Hara forests in Qeshm: The first and most important vegetation of the island is the mangroves known as  Abu Ali Sina, a well-known scientist in Iran, and covers an area of ​​more than 2000 square kilometers of island area.
Qeshm plants are drought-tolerant and heat-sensitive and require high humidity in the summer, and are more likely to be seen in the form of short-sided half-shrub shrubs. Of these, trees can be mentioned as “trees”, “chats” (with “chase” below), “crete” and “next”, most of which are black and white. Jar’s shrubs along with these trees form the vegetation of the island.
Palm trees on the island can only be found in palm gardens, which has been boosted by scarcity of water and low rainfall.
Animal life in Qeshm Island: There are three major biodiversity systems from the most diverse animal and plant species. These three ecosystems include coral islands, mangrove forests and rain forests. On the island of Qeshm and the surrounding waters, there are two first and second ecosystems
Identified species of Qeshm mammals are four species of bat, one of which is a fruit bat, the fruit bat is the largest bat of the country . Many of us saw sea turtles just in the movies. But if you want to see this beautiful beast that is seen in the waters of Qeshm, Laika and Lark, as well as in the hills and outskirts, you should go to the sandy shore of the village “Shib Duraz”, 45 km from Qeshm.
Dolphin Island is located at the southern part of Qeshm Island, due to dolphin swimming near its beaches, to the Dolphin Island. The waters off the coast at the time are full of gorgeous fish, which you can see in lesser parts of the country’s water.
These small fishes always swim along the beach in deep water. To go to this island, you must first go from the southern coast of Qeshm Island to the village of Shibdaras and take special boats that will take you to the sightseeing around the island while seeing dolphins. The tranquility and beauty of the beaches in the island and the presence of sea brides, shellfish and colorful coral around it, has greatly enhanced the beauty of this exceptional island.
The bite of these beasts will burn your skin for a few days so the high sun protection is advised for your skin safety or  enter the water at night.
The Unique ,Star valley in Geshm: The stellar valley of the Khlava Pond is located five kilometers from the southern coast of the island. In the north of this village is one of the most beautiful erosion phenomena on the island. The villagers are referred to by the villagers. However, the name of the valley of the stars is for this phenomenal geologic phenomenon.
Because of the special shape of the valley and the types of erosion and phenomena in it, the winds and air flow in the midst of the columns and holes in the valley of the sound, and because of these voices, locals believe that at the darkness of night in the valley ,in fact an eroded area by surface waters, seasonal storms and gusts are there.
Food in the island: Food and some Qeshm restaurants can be considered as part of Qeshm attractions. The people of this island have the variety of food ,which are are from fish and shrimp to traditional bread. Meat, dates, flour, sugar, oil and grains make a variety of delicious and appetizing foods that are very enjoyable for tourists to taste and try them all.
Qeshm has diverse local cuisine, and mostly women of the island enjoy to prepare delicious food, especially seafood,food in this island is a mixture of taste and art. On a trip to Qeshm Island, instead of eating in the modern and fast food restaurants, guests of the local people will try to taste the pure delicacies of the island. If you decide to take a meal, be reminded of these listed :Stuffed Fish (Charcoal Grilled), Columbus (Colomba), Muffle, Ancestor (Squid), Dried apricot, Dish Rice, Shoddy pudding, Hawary Chowmig (Pumpkin Shrimp), Tamo Bread

Qeshm Markets: Qeshm markets are among the markets that still have their monopoly. The unique charm of these markets is that both traditionally modern in this city, which still has its traditional texture, you can see the modern international markets with its own special buyers and audience, all of which are of great interest and price, but Only a few kilometers away you will find markets that still retain their traditional texture. Interestingly, these traditional markets have retained their audience, and there are still great deals in the lives of many merchants and vendors! Especially the market, which houses the old texture of the Drogheda neighborhood and the less well-known retailers, which we sell to ourselves, still has a lot of audience due to a third of the price of the city. Of course, Qeshm has stylish and expensive markets, but due to its free zone, its commodity price is more appropriate than other markets. these are all Qeshm markets:

  •  Qeshm markets
    • Qeshm old market
    • Star Market
    • Ferdowsi’s Big Market
    • Campus market
    • Gulf market
    • Coral Market
    • Administrative and Commercial Complex of Golden Palm
    • Simorgh market
    • Silk Road Market
    • The residential complex of the sun
    • Pasargad Commercial Complex
    • The market for Imam Gholi Khan

The historical part of loft in Qeshm island dates back to 2000 years .
Otdoor activities in Geshm Island: Diving  and het ski are the most popular sports and outdoor activities in Qeshm Island. Fishing, sightseeing and caving and many other things that any adventurer can do in this Island.
Qeshm Island’s Economy: Qeshm in the place of the of Higher Education institute in the region and  it has been a new sources of income in Qeshm Free Zone.
Fishing in The main source of income is the fishing grounds. Fishing in this area is by boat, lodge, and harbor.
other sources of Business in the Island and  income for these people are the creation of small markets and shops. The City Centre old market in Qeshm, the highest variety of garments and home furnishings of the old fashioned boutiques and the complete household appliances and …
Academic and Research Centers in the Island are:
• Qeshm International Growth Center
• Gulf Park Biotechnology
• Botanical Garden Botanical Garden
• Human Health and Safety Standards Monitoring Unit
• Taxidermy Island Island
• Laboratory
• Qeshm Azad University
• Payam Noor university
• Qeshm Higher Education Institution (Collaboration with Carleton University of Canada)
• University of Water and Power Industry
• Shahid Beheshti International University
• Hormozgan International University
Women’s and men’s clothing in Qeshm Island: Qeshmi women, like women from other islands and southern ports, are less likely to be seen on the streets, in the past and when they come out of the house, a special mask, called “Bourke”, appears on their faces. To be away from the unconscious. Different types of leaves are, some of them large and wide, covering all faces, and there are only two holes in front of the eyes, but the rest of the ponds are thin and braid and cover only part of the eyes and eyebrows.
In addition to the “Pond,” the women cover their hair and head with a thin cloth called Jelabi and they also have a tent on it. Qeshmah women’s clothing is a variety of dresses, and women are usually wearing two sweatshirts or long dresses.
Qeshmi women use a thick cloth to sew trousers and widen the upper part of the trousers, pulling down the trousers, and then, for the beauty of the pants, in the ankle there are beautiful decorations with a thread of color or gold on the fabric to the existence They bring a special jump to pants.
Qeshmı men’s clothing, like the clothes of other people in the south of the country, is made up of a white tall shirt that is said locally dishdasha. This long shirt covers their ankles and is very free and suitable for the weather in the south of the country. Some people, instead of Jim, hug their two waists and put on their heads a white hole of a hole called a butterfly.




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