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Paying attention to indigenous areas tourism is the main priority of Yazd tourism industry

Yazd, Esfahan and Fars are three sides of Iran’s tourism triangle; many foreign tourists traveling to Iran choose these three historic and cultural provinces as their destination.
In this case, due to the existence of valuable historical features and the commemoration of lasting buildings by the hard-working people of this area, which has made the province’s officials increasingly focus on the tourism industry as one of the priorities and axes of Yazd’s development.
Seyyed Mohammad Mir Mohammadi, the governor of Yazd, February 1395, said at the 2nd Regional Meeting of the Golden Triangle in Tourism industry in the country: this industry is one of the eight priorities of the province, the tourism triangle also contributes to provincial synergy and efforts to remove obstacles.
According to IRNA, most foreign tourists in Iran and, consequently, in Yazd, are historic tourists who visit the places and monuments , mud in the country, during the time of their visit, and they are excited about the observation of the winders and aqueducts, Because these works show the creativity, ingenuity and hard work of the people of this ancient age. Often, these tourists prefer traditional places and residences that relate the lives of people over the ages to rest and, accordingly, make a more enjoyable and lasting journey.
The good news for tourists is Attention to the habitats of the native and circular areas has long been on the agenda as one of the most important priorities of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Yazd, to make a pleasant stay for all tourist during their visit in Iran.

An increase of 11 percent in foreign tourists to Yazd:
The head of the tourism deputy of the Directorate General of Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Yazd adds: In the first six months of the year 96, 51,820 foreign tourists visited the province, an increase of 11 percent compared to the same period last year , which the nationality of most tourists was mentioned in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch. Last year, 113,500 foreign tourists were selected as the destination of their trip to Iran, of which 47,000 17 people are from the first 6 months of the year. Then He added :According to the plans, the number of foreign tourists to the province is projected to reach 140 thousand by the end of the year by 20 percent compared to last year.
The historic texture of Yazd has also been recorded in the United Nations Educational, (UNESCO) in the year of 1996, which will certainly increase the number of foreign tourists who choose Yazd as their destination. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee July 18, 1396, at its 41st meeting in Krakow, Poland, unanimously registered the historic city of Yazd on the World Heritage List, thus making the first case of one of Iran’s historic cities. Global listing was registered..
Yazd province has 6,500 historical monuments, of which 1,950 have been nationally registered. Yazd province has 2,270 hectares of historical texture and the city of Yazd is known as the first city of Khudi clay and the second most historic city in the world. Previously, the Dolatabad Gardens of Yazd and Pahlavan Pour Mehriz and the Zanar and Hassan Abad Qanats from Yazd Province were listed on the World Heritage List.
Yazd contains a treasure trove of Iranian art, culture and civilization, including religious buildings, tombstones, mosques, husseiniyahs, Zoroastrian shrines, historic houses, water reservoirs, historic gardens, windbreaks and Markets are mentioned.
Yazd is famous for its attractions such as the city of windsurfing, the city of Karaj, Karagh, Darul-e-Abadeh, Dar al-Alam and Daral-e-Imal, Hoseinieh of Iran, the city of bicycles, sweets, Qanat city, Qonoot, Qanat, the city of fire and sun.
7532 * 2047 * Reporter: Saeed Sadeghi Moghadam – Release – Abbasgoli Ashkhurdari

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