The northern cities of Iran, due to their location between the Alborz Mountains and the Caspian Sea, have a unique climate and nature and even reach culture. No one has missed to  visit at least one of the northern cities. Each of these cities has its own unique beauty and the choice of one of these cities as the best city in the north is very difficult. Here, BGS Travel is trying to introduce cities that are considered to be the most beautiful ,historical and wonder cities  in northern Iran.

Golestan Province: Every region in Iran is famous for something and Golestan is well-known for  greenery and wildlife ,which are truly presented by Golestan National park and the Turkman Horses, Glestan province is located in northern east part of Iran, bordering Turkmenistan from the north and Caspian Sea from the west. Golestan province is one of the northern provinces of Iran. The center and capital of the province is Gorgan. The population is large and the largest city is Gorgan, the people of this province speak Turkmen, Mazandaran, Persian and Turkish. The two major tribes of the province are North and Turkmen. The religion of the majority of the people is Shia and its minority is Sunnis. Persians , Turkmans , sonnis and Shia all have lived together in peace for centuries.
North , east , corner of this province on top of mountains facing magnificent step landscape of Golestan, tombs of Prophet khalid a question messenger who was born 40 years before Prophet Mohammad and his followers along with historical grave yards are all signs of ancient civilization of this region.
The most historical and ancient village called Ziarat with an ancient civilization full of beautiful historical houses is located in Golestan too. such These villages are in the longitudinal direction along the roads and rivers along the mountain sections. The historical site of this land dates back to 7,000 years ago.

Gorgan just few kilometer away from Ziarat ,is  the capital city of Golestan Province. its famous Bazar is one of its historical places that travelers can find herbal medicine and other in it, Gonbad Kavoos also is the second historical and Cultural City in the Province.
Recent research has shown that Gorgan region has been home to pre-Aryan civilization since 6,000 years ago; the earliest works of the Neolithic period of Iran have been found from the cave of the Belts and the Hytou cave near Behshahr city. These works are from the acquaintance of the people of that time to pottery, knitting, domestication of animals such as mountain goats and the manufacture of polished stone tools. Explorations of Torn drop, near Gorgan, have also shown that the area has large villages, massive pottery and irrigation networks, and its lateness is at least as much as the burned city in Sistan. The name of this land in the Achaemenes script, including Dariush’s stone in Bishtun, has been sparse and in Pahlavi’s writings as Gorgan. Gorg  word in the language of Tabari means the wolfs.

Babol City in Mazandaran Province:In our ancient land the city of Babol in Province of Mazandaran of northern part in Iran has it’s share of a long, reach history and natural splendor.
A big part of tourism coming to Iran is about its Northern Provinces. One in particular is the Mazandaran province and the largest city located in Mazandaran is the city of Babol. It’s filled with neat people, places and things .BGS Travel Tailor-made Group will give you  a glimpse of the city.
Babol is the most populous city of Mazandaran, and the second most populated city of northern Iran (after Rasht) with a population of 531,930. The city is divided into two urban areas. Babol also is the telecommunication center of Mazandaran province and the center of the telecommunication zone of Iran.
Babol is one of the major cities in the north of the country in the fields of medicine, agriculture, academia, politics, culture and commerce. In the past, the economy of the city was about selling by merchant and tradesmen in the city. The city has more than 20 universities and institutes of higher education, and the most important university in this city is Noushirovani Industrial University, which ranked sixth among the industrial universities in Iran. Babol is also the only non-provincial city in northern Iran that has a national medical university. There are currently more than 305, 578 urban and 226, 351 rural inhabitants in this city. The city is located between the Mazandaran Sea and the Alborz mountain range, 15 km from Mazandaran and 210 km northeast of Tehran.
The Galoogah( bottleneck) is one of the most popular cities in Babol. This is a mountainous city in southern Babylon. The river Sajjad passes from its eastern side. The city is like a slide which is the bridge between the plain and the mountain and through the city we enter the forest and bay areas of the eastern Bandy area, which has a large hill with weather and vegetation And natural resources are different and are related to the villages of Haraz Amol areas of Mazandaran and the villages of Mazandaran Mountains. The local name of this city is Golia and the language of its people (Mazandaran) and their religion is Shiite. The population of the city of Golgah in 1393 was 15,000.

Fouman city in Gilan Province: Gilan has a strong culinary tradition, from which several dishes have come to be adopted across Iran. This richness derives in part from the climate, which allows for a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and nuts to be grown in the province. Seafood is a particularly strong component of Gilani (and Mazandarani) cuisine. Sturgeon, often smoked or served as kebab, and caviar are delicacies along the whole Caspian littoral. Other types of fish such as mahi sefid, kuli, kulmeh, Caspian salmon, mahi kapur and many others are consumed. Fish roe, or ashpal, is widely used in Gileki cuisine. Traditional Persian stews such as ghalieh mahi (fish stew) and ghalieh maygu (shrimp stew) are also featured and prepared in a uniquely Gilani fashion.
Masooleh Village, Fouman
Fouman is one of the cities of Guilan province surrounded by rice fields. This historic city is located 5 km away from Sumava and 356 km from Tehran. This city is on the way to Masouleh and Castle of Roodkhan is located southwest of the city of Fooman in Iran’s Gilan Province in the heart of the forest has an annual average of 2 million tourists . It enjoys a moderate climate. Local architecture, springs, waterfalls, the ‘Rood Khan’ River and dense forests all make it an attractive tourism spot.
So if you want to see Masouleh, you can also visit Foumene. The attractions of this city can be divided into natural, historical, religious, cultural, social and economic spheres.
The most famous souvenir of this town is Foucault. Fouman City Sculptures are famous too .
Historic castle, Qaleh Rud Khan is located 20 km southwest of Fouman. The castle dates back to the Sassanid era and is one of the most important historical works of Guilan province.

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