Safari Tour In Mazandaran Province ,Savadkooh (Mountain)
Savadkooh is the name of one of the cities of Mazandaran province in northern Iran, located in central Alborz and adjacent to Semnan province, BGS travel gives adventures the chance to climb aboard with a Land Rover or any 4-wheel drive to journey to the high tops through a land sculptured by the elements and journey to the high tops through a village that has a special place in history, culture, nature, and breathtaking views with no shortage of photo opportunities. The most important region of the city is White Bridge, which has the highest population and area in the county. The city of Savadkuh has three parts called the central part, the White Bridge, on the eastern side of the beautiful Vezesk village, and below the Atabak and Tizkouh mountains, there is a very beautiful and semi-forest valley that is fairly deep and stares at the eyes of any viewer. Mountain Safari is a great quad bike/ATV tour in the vicinity of the mountain to Explore the peaceful scenic outback of the capital city of Savadkuh on quad bikes and enjoy your safari trip.

BGS Travel also provides you to explore The very beautiful waterfall of Cheshmeh Ali, which is about 20 meters high from the valley to the village of Veresk. The water of this waterfall emanates from the highlands of Qadamgah, and annually attracts a lot of enthusiastic people. It is about 30 minutes’ walk from the village of Veresk to the waterfall, half of which passes by the water of the river. The weather is temperate, humid and mountainous. This river is seasonal and has different water volumes in different seasons. Discover astounding natural beauty as you hit the off road trails located on the local mountains just outside of Firouzkuh. To reach this beautiful waterfall, it is enough on the Firouzkouh axis, after Gadouj, and our tour leaders know all yhe way to enter Veresk village. The route to the Veresk waterfall runs exactly under the bridge of Veresk and it must move along the river to reach the beautiful Vesck Waterfall.  Another highlight will take place at Qadamgah which is tucked between the mountains and a perfect place to witness just how Mazandaran’s nature is. Kanglou Castle, Kyrgyz Khor and Khorfa Mountains are all contained in this Safari Experience.
All experience levels are welcome and our professional and occasionally funny guides are happy to help you feel comfortable on the bikes to have an extremely happy safari trip.

Safari Tour In Gilan Province (Talesh Mountain)
Talesh is a great destination for eco -safari tours and is located On the southwest of the Caspian Sea in the provinces of Gilan, This mountain range starts from the Lankaran and extends from north to south along the western coast of the Caspian Sea, 270 kilometers long to the west of Roodbar (about 67 kilometers south of Rasht) Stretches Its northern boundary forms the border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and in the south, Sefidrud separates it almost vertically from the rest of Alborz.
BGS Travel Safari Patrols are at the tropical region of Talesh. The city Talesh is based on the resources and evidences of the ancient tribes of ancient Kadas and the ancient neighbors of the Gil tribe, from the west to Ardabil province, north to Astara, and south to Roodbar and is limited to the Caspian Sea and Anzali from the east. This safari eco-mountain Tour would be the most adventure trip that anyone has experienced ever and our team makes it happen.
There are three directions to the Talesh mountains and each has its own attractions, which continue to be the Alborz Mountains, and on the other hand leads to the Caspian Sea. The natural attractions of the city attract a large number of tourists each year. Here are some of these attractions.
Varzan waterfall is located in Gilan province. 36 kilometers northwest of the city of Talesh (from Talesh prayer field to the beginning of the Sobatan market) and 22 kilometers south (from the control of the Sobatan to the lake), Neur Ardebil Lake (from Ardabil-Gilan optical fiber) at a height of 1900-1970 meters The sea level is free. The lagoon is located next to the tallest mountain range of the Rashkaghi or Rishgaars Talesh mountain range.
Mountain Safari is a winter outdoor activity based in Châtel, Haute Savoie, providing ski instructor & mountain guide services. From private tuition on ski, snowboard & télémark for a couple of hours a day to a full week guiding through the vast skiing area of Chatel & and the whole ” Portes du Soleil “.

Safari Tour in Amol City, Mazandaran Province. (Alimastan peak -Mountain)
Alimastan Peak is another attraction and destination for safari; The beautifull,Alimastan annually attracts many climbers in winter and spring. we as safari tour organizers offer one of the most attractive safari mountain tours in Iran to. The summit is about 2510 meters high and is one of the best winter climbing options too. If you are a climber, biker or even just interested in safari but you haven’t tried it yet this peak with all the natural attractions around it will be your best Safari tour in lifetime. On the whole eastern slopes, Damavand peaks ahead of our eyes and moves with you at any moment. Don’t miss the place!

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