MICE industry is a newer but the fastest growing segment within the tourism industry, generating millions in revenues for cities and countries. BGS travel MICE team with the knowing of Iran’s economic, cultural and geographical unique situation in the region, has found a perfect way of combining all travelers business trips with pleasure, by offering our companion, in every step they take in their trip and our unique package to every client. MICE tourism segment can contribute significantly to the source market and a perfect destination to host your next meetings, events or incentive trip .MICE tourism presents unique opportunities for business development, it gives you the opportunity to corporate meetings with prospective investors, customers and suppliers, information exchange or introduction to new technologies. BGS travel in this industry with the help of our productive, industrious staff is highly devoted, well experienced and cooperative team, has expansion business trips , transportation in the tourism field , encouraging foreign investment in Iran, travel and tourism segment , and is trying to dominate in the MICE business, specializing in planning and organizing MICE events as well as arranging for. We customized programs and itineraries for all kind business travel tours. Also we provide all essential conference facilities and materials too .

Annual general meetings

The General Meeting is the Company’s highest decision-making body, at which the shareholders and the general membership of an organization are part of this collection to be the main members of such cause.
In regard of such annual general meetings (AGM) on the mandatory yearly gathering of a company’s interested shareholders, BGS travel At the AGM, provides for company directors, an annual report presentation, for shareholders about their performance and strategy.
These meetings may be required by law or by the constitution, charter, or by-laws governing the body. The meetings are held to conduct business on behalf of the organization or company.
And for all of these , BGS travel in the partnership with , its skilled , experience , young and high potential group is always ready to provide all companies and business travelers special services.

Incentive tours

BGS travel as a developed and facilitated business travel agency is able to manage, helps you to find tools , for rewarding and motivating all your sales ,representatives, dealers, distributors, production workers, support staff, and in some cases, your special customers. Usually, our offering incentive trip will last three days, with hotel stays, tour packages and planned activities such as dinners, parties and games. fortunately The incentive travel market has been developed in Iran and BGS travel ,as one of the best business travel tour holders , is looking to inspire and incentivize people to reach their peak performance, or to reward their efforts and show your appreciation, helps you to bring them to Iran – a vibrant and business-friendly meeting place that brings the nations and cultures together. BGS travel in Iran has the experience, efficiency, variety, and dynamism to ensure your meetings and incentive trips revitalize and invigorate individuals and teams alike.


All exhibition and event services

BGS travel is a Creative event organizer who communicate activate companies together, supplies them with key business messages as well as improve effectiveness to create inspirational events. BGS travel group are able to hold all tradeshow and event programs for companies ,organizations in any fields ,to organize and reveal their new products, services or even prevent information toward people who have an interest in them, such as potential customers or buyers. We guide companies and Businesses, to find new clients and debut their latest offerings, exhibiting their new products, so they could set up a boot in the interest of meet with latent buyers , the public need either corporate event team are providing the chance in the extend of showing the image of your company and will leave a lasting impression in the minds of those you care about, unlike any other marketing strategy.
BGS travel has proven experience in handling conferences/seminars , incentive tours , award functions dealer meets , product launches and many exhibitions .


Corporate training programs

We select the best corporate training programs in any field to every business traveler .
Corporate management training programs have become one of the most important competitive differentiators for employers to find the talent. Corporations today are competing for high performers on a worldwide basis.
Selecting the most suitable corporate management training programs will help each participant to unlock his or her potential. From all those important criteria that an individual should consider before enrolling in an executive training program, including BGS travel, is able and prepared to invest spare time to participate in corporate management training programs , has the selected program a logical continuation of our previous executive education and Does it complimentary by the long work experience in the context of general management skills training for example through a leadership training program or a negotiation skills training.
We know when you need the program selection to be based on an overall personal development plan with clearly defined objectives and vice versa, or when our clients need a direct management supportive of their own selection from the corporate management training programs are available.

Training seminars:

BGS travel presents you the best training seminars , conferences and training opportunity that you need.
Also BGS travel arranges your workshops at any Laboratory , educational seminars or even training seminars at any university or conference hall that you wish, too.





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