Mashhad is a city located in the northeast of Iran, the center and capital of Razavi Khorasan Province and the second largest populated city after Tehran. Mashhad was chosen as Iran’s Capital during the reign of Nader Shah Afshar. The city features a temperate and variable climate. The two mountain ranges of Binalood and Hezar-masjed with high peaks are located in this area converting it to a semi-mountainous region. The city was officially elected as Iran’s Spiritual Capital and Parliament deputies in 2009.mashhad has a unstable climate with its cold and dry temperature , it is warm and dry in summer and it is cold and humid in winter. The maximum temperature in summer is 43 degrees above zero, and its minimum in winter is 23 degrees below zero. travellers to Mashhad are lucky to visit The world’s biggest mosque in size and the second largest in capacity.Imam Reza Shrine is a grandiose religious complex that includes the Imam Reza Mausoleum, the eighth Shi’ite Imam. This shrine was built around 818 AD by Abbasid Caliph Mamun, a Sunni Muslim Caliph who had Iman Reza in such high consideration, that he appointed Imam as his next successor and married him to his daughter. Shi’ites and Sunnis were rivals, and there were a lot of bloody uprisings when the Caliph announced his decision. Still, the two leaders stood together and set off to Baghdad, to quell political opponents.
during the journey, Imam fell ill and rapidly died. Even though Shi’ite believers thought Sunnis had poisoned their beloved leader, the Caliph felt his death deeply and mourned him by building this inspiring mausoleum over Reza’s tomb. pilgrimage to Imam Reza’s shrine would count as 70,000 and his tomb became an Iranian place of respect and holy devotion .
The city of Mashhad has been built around the shrine of Imam Reza (A.S). The holy areas in and around the holy shrine are known as Bast. The Bast forms a perfect circle and there is one circular road around it and four roads between the Bast and the rest of the city. The layout of the city is unique as these four roads point to the compass points in the north east, north west, south east and south west directions. Pilgrims to Mashhad can also these locations on their pilgrimage tour too.
Imam Reza holly shrine
Goharshad mousque
Kooh sangi park
Nadir shad afshar’s tomb
Kan village
Basehor fire temple
Ghonbad Sabz
Khaje Aba salt shrine


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