The  historical and the best tourist destination in the country. This city is the city center and is part of Isfahan province. The city is located in the center of Iran 220 km south of the capital and 200 km from the center of the province , has four parts (central, Qasem, Niasar and Borzak) and has six cities (Kashan, Qasem, Niasar, Joshaghan, Kamu and Chogan and Borzak). The city of Kashan from the north and northwest to Qom, from the east and northeast to Aran and Bidgol and Desert desert, from the south-east to Ardestan, from the south to the city of Natanz, from the west to the cities of Golpayegan and Mahallat Leads to. The climate of the city of Kashan, as in other central cities of the country, varies from one to another. Its high elevation is cold and temperate slopes, especially the margin of the tropical desert.

Every year from around the world many tourists fly in to enjoy Kashan’s beauties and marvel at this great culture and civilization.

There are a couple essential criteria, which makes the city a perfect stop for travelers. Obviously there must be some top sights that lure you in the first place. Second vital thing is fairly priced accommodation options and third a laid-back city vibe. In Kashan you can find them! Kashan is the cradle of traditional Iranian and culture, It has 7,000 years of urbanization and one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Kashan is a city with authenticity and with many scientific and literary celebrities and plays a significant role in the tourism industry of Iran. Some of the historians of Kashan are considered the most authentic and the first city in Iran and the world. The tourist attractions and climate of this city, which has two mountainous regions, has made it one of the major habitats in Iran, and the tradition of gardening and carpeting from traditional ceremonies It is a city that attracts many visitors every year.

Kashan great attraction places like the historical houses ,historical bath houses and of course the Finn Garden and more nineteen historic mansions that are well preserved, which all these buildings have elements of the traditional Kashan houses, but they have larger spaces, more skilled architecture and more elegant elements. The most famous of these mansions are Borujerdi’s houses, Bani Kazemi’s home and Mortazavi’s house. From the important historical monuments of Kashan, which have remained or remain their works, can be minaret Zayn al-Din, Tomb of Sultan Atabakhsh, Emadi mosque (Miremad), Jami Mosque, Soltani school, Aghazgar mosque, Jalali mosque, Sultan Amir-Ahmad mosque and Amin al-Dawlah caravan In all of these buildings, the same architectural features can be seen, except Zain al-Din Minaret, which is unique in this field.

Fin bath is in the Fin of Kashan. The old bath is famous for the murder of Mirza Taghikhan Amir Kabir, the Chancellor of the Nasser-al-Din Shah Qajar on January 20, 1230 A solar year.
On the outskirts of the old town there are a couple traditional houses that are worth paying a visit. These houses, which are decorated within the smallest details, are hidden behind high mud-brick walls and are situated around a lovely courtyard.
Agha Borzog Mosque: This symmetrical architectural masterpiece has 4 stories and a courtyard that is on level -1. From the outside it looks nice, but once you get inside its beauty will amaze you.
Kashan is also a good hub for some very nice tours in the area. Just 9km outside the city there is the Fin Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage site and nice to visit on an afternoon.
A mere 80km uphill on the foot of Mt Karkas you will find the ancient village of Abyaneh. It’s said to be more than 1500 years old and wandering around the steep narrow streets of this red village is a step back in time. Abyaneh isn’t served by public transport unfortunately. The bazaar in the city center, which is pretty laid back and worth getting lost in for a couple hours.
So if you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy a peaceful sleepy town with some amazing sightseeing then don’t forget to stop in Kashan!

Kashan is not in everyone itinerary as most people opt for the big three: Esfahan, Shiraz and Yazd and skip this laid-back city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir dessert. There are a couple sights that cannot be missed and are all worth paying a visit, though our main reason to suggest Kashan is its lovely old town.
Ghamsar city of Kashan is located 25 km south of Kashan and 40 km northwest of Natanz. Ghamsar is geographically within the political and administrative boundaries of Isfahan province. It is located in the sub district of Kashan, with the  population of about 40,000. Between a very lush green valley with an approximate length of 9 and a width of 4 kilometers, it has a variety of trees and flowers of Mohammadi (kind of damask rose)shrubs. The ancient name of this area is Qom, and it crossed the Silk Road from this area, and has long been a way to reach the Silk. Qamesar is one of the poles of herbs and rose water production in Iran, whose rose water even in foreign countries is also well-known and internationally renowned. This valley is a lush greenery that includes fruit trees with a variety of flowers and shrubs. Qamsar is the capital of flowering , and every year in the spring, especially in May, you can see the magnificent festivals in this city, the municipality will also provide a great opportunity for travelers.
The different industrial activities makes this city special and attractive for tourist and travelers to visit.

In the city, due to the dominant pattern of livelihoods in the handicrafts sector, there are many gains over time. Among the handicrafts of this city, we can mention the carpet weaving industry, rosary, soap and Qamsar’s traditional dessert. In terms of the type of products, there are a variety of different kinds of cold area products in Qamesar, such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, apricot juice, various types of pears, yellow plums, varieties of apples, trees, cherries, persimmons, grapes, peaches, olives A kind of peach (a kind of pear), a variety of peanut butter (Bukhara), although these products have a limited production volume, but due to the climatic, water and soil conditions of Kamesar, has the best quality due to the extraordinary concentration of essential oils , Like the flowers and Mohammadi flowers. In the meantime, dry and green almonds are among the major farmers in the city.

Usually, beside each gardens, there is a Golab Giri workshop, which can be seen closely. The people of Qamar are very hospitable and lovely ,they  will gladly explain everything to you and allow you to enter all the gardens and garages. Just ask or ask for something! They will gladly help anyone who is untrested to know about GolabGiri  and do not hesitate to help you.

Historical monuments of Qasr Kashan: 5 km north of Qamsar and 30 km south of Kashan, in the confluence of the Ghamesar River, to the Kashans dam, the dam is called Qamzar dam. The date of the construction of the dam has been attributed to the Sultan Jalaluddin Maltashash Seljuk (485-465 AH). Considering the many similarities that exist between the design and architecture of the current Qamzar dam with Ghahrood dam, it is concluded that the dam related to the Seljuk monument has been destroyed over time and again in the Safavid period (Shah Abbas I) the current dam , been is constructed again from the Seljuk period dam.The materials used in the rock and mortar dam are Sarouj



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