Jamkaran Mosque attributed to Imam Zaman (aj) which has been built around the city of Qom, by to Hasan b. Momta Jamkaran on the orders of Imam Zaman (aj). Jamkran mosque before Iran’s reveloution used to have  a small and simple building until the fifties, but later it has been renovated and its space has been developed and many facilities and buildings around it have been built. The mosque is now run by various units such as ceremonies and propaganda, public relations, libraries, publications and research vows and gifts, and attracts around 15 million pilgrims per year.
This mosque known as the “Ghadamga Mosque” in the past, and is known for its Jamkaran Mosque because of its proximity to the village of Jamkaran. Also called “Sahbalzaman Mosque” due to its attachment to Imam Mahdi (AS). The most important base of the Shiites, the enthralled lovers  of the Prophet Mahdi ,is  the Holy Mosque of Jamkaran, six kilometers from the religious city of Qom. According to the statistics each year, more than fifteen million pilgrims  from the Islamic world and the, gather at this spiritual base, say praying of the Prophet Sahib Al-Zaman





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