You cannot have fun if you do not also have peace of mind. Host in Iran which is a must-see destination for world travelers , your tour will take you to modern , safe and luxury Iran Five Star International Hotels .In the region , anywhere in the country ,travelers can find either Caravanserais , Hotels even‎ Resorts in Iran‎ for your find a suitable and fine Hotel BGS travel hotel reservation services are able to serve internationally to our clients and customers both from Iran and abroad with the aim of helping them to choose the best services that they could get . our customers have right to choose their stay from guest houses and traditional houses to 1-5 star hotels.
Here are some suggested hotels and residential places :
5 star hotel: Darioush Hotel in Kish Island
5 star Toranj hotel
5 star Marina park kish hotel
5 star Shayan hotel
5 star Shayegan Hotel
Ramtin Residential Hotel Tehran
And some more
For more information and hotel reservation you can contact us on these following references:

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