People usually traveling to other countries other than their own to obtain medical treatment. Iran has hosted neighboring countries for healthcare services for many years and Medical tourism most often come to Iran for surgeries (cosmetic or otherwise) or similar treatments, though people also travel for dental treatment or infertility treatment too. However, almost all types of health care are available, including psychiatry, alternative medicine, convalescent care, and even medical counseling services.
Medical tourists are subject to a number of risks, such as deep vein thrombosis from air travel or poor post-operative care, and also for a safe, secure travel or stay and better health care and treatment, obviously it’s their legally right to receive the best from the travel .for this matter, BGS travel As a medical travel facilitator, works constantly to ensure that you have the best customer experience possible on your journey. There’s a lot to remember while traveling- here’s how BGS Travel Health Tour Team make things easy.
Our Health Tourism Team provides comprehensive and facilitated services for groups and individuals from and to the county to more than a million tourists from different countries around the world and is providing special services to special consumers such as medical and beauty, and also we suggest natural healing places that are in different parts in Iran for people who are looking for nature treatment too.
BGS Travel also in Known as giving legal advice on our client’s requirements with the aim of coordinating with them in order to provide everyone’s complete satisfaction. we are aware of our client’s rights and our lawyers can inform travelers about their rights with no hesitation, any time required.
In this regard, we also offer entire services from helping health travelers to find the best hospital or health cares, consolidated travel purchases to regional or global support by our professional consultants and lawyers who are available any time to give law advises and even make your stay safe and easy.
We are aware of that Health tourism is a wider term for travel that focus on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services. It covers a wide field of health-oriented, tourism ranging from preventive and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitation and curative forms of travel.
Here we introduce some natural healing spots in Iran, from steaming hot mineral water to soothing mud baths.
Best and most popular healing destinations for Health and Wellness in Iran Are:

Bad Ab Sort

Bad Ab Sort  is an unsurpassed travertine staircase fountain in Iran, which is located in the village of Arast, Chahar Dangeh district of Sari Province. This place has been  registered by the Cultural Heritage Organization in 1387 after Mount Damavand as the second natural heritage of Iran in the National List of National Works. The global registration of this bottle has also been the second largest spring water source in the world since Turkey’s Pamukkale.
These springs are located at an altitude of 1841 meters above sea level, they are unique in Iran. Around the springs covered with wild brunette shrubs and higher altitudes covered with leafy forest forests.

Hot Springs of Iran

Ferdows Hot Springs is located in the south of South Khorasan, Ferdows, in terms of the diversity of mineral in its water , has the highest ranking in Iran. The province of Ardabil has more than 118 wells in the first mine in Iran. Sarein, the most valuable springs of Iran, is of particular importance after the Sarein in Ardebil province; the city of Amol is located in the second place with more than 26 hot and cold mineral waters; the largest spa resort in Larijan is Amol. Important spa springs and mineral springs in Iran that have experienced their therapeutic effects Proven to be Sirch and Lalehzar springs in Kerman, Geno, Khrgho and Khumir in Hormozgan, numerous mineral springs on the slopes of Taftan Mountains in Sistan and Baluchestan, Fountain of Vorotne of Isfahan, Cheshmeh Abargam Dehloran, Cheshmeh Nilou in Bushehr and several hot springs In the provinces of Fars, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Khorasan and Qazvin.
Therapeutic use of hot springs:because of the solubility of hot water is higher, the salts in the hot springs of water are very high. These salts, depending on the geological structure of the area, can contain different from of ions, such as calcium, lithium and even radium. Because of the popular belief in the medical properties of some of these salts, hot springs are often targeted for therapeutic purposes.
The hot springs is a place where hot water is constantly flowing out of the ground. Due to the high percentage of mineral water dissolved in water, some of these springs are used by some.



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