Safari Tour in Gilan province 
The BGS Travel safari Tour makers  of Safari have organized an exiting tour on the abandoned road of Javaherdasht East of Guilan Province Attractions, Adrenaline rush and the peak of pleasure with a full-fledged safari in the woods, the thrill of crossing roads filled with obstacles with Russian-made jeeps left over from World War II,  spending a night camping in the woods! And grilling chicken on fire, successive walks in the depths of the forest, velvet turtle gardens, and landscapes of the plains and the sea, photography of the scenery of the region, far-away sightseeing Fire in the cool of the jungle and country side, to make local cuisine and breakfast from indigenous products and a world of memories from this dream area. It is also necessary for the participants to stay at night Nature and tent.

Safari Tour In Mazandaran Province (Hyrcanian or Caspian forest)
Forest Safari in Lafoor Forest District, Lafoor dam, visiting the calcareous waterfall, visiting the Karsang Waterfall and the Shirgah Area.
If you desire to see one of the most beautiful regions in Iran and  Would like to walk among the beautiful woods and waterfalls, Lafoor Forest is a picture of Paradise in Mazandaran’s Savadkouh.
The Beaver Forest of Lafoor in the northwest of Mazandaran province, with its huge trees, waterfalls, springs and rivers, has the most beautiful natural scenery. Walking through the Caspian(Hyrcanian) forest  which is about 40 million years old dates back from the Jurassic period , and has about 80 species of woody plant a fantastic destination for ecotourism or Jungle hiking , Lafoor Forest would be the best choice. The trips are suitable for most hikers and nature Battalion . Safari to Lake of Lafoor, a visit to the beautiful Carsang Waterfall, the path to the cottage, stay in the cottage ,Nature scuba diving and exploring the area, visiting the unique cascade of limestone, mountainous safari and the ocean of cloud , all are BGS Travel’s suggestions to all safari lovers.

Safari Tour In Amol City ,Mazandaran Province(Alimastan Hyrcanian Forest)
“This foggy forest can give you a different experience from the jungle eco safari tour”
 Alimistan Forest path is on the way to the northern part of Iran Mazandaran  province. The Jungle has  the same name of the village and brings you pleasure to climb. Alimistan  Hyrcanian forest contains the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation. because of that the safari in this region would be an eco-safari tour.
To reach the Alimestan Forest, you have to give a heart to the road, a thunderous road to the northern of Iran. In the middle of this road the village of Alimistan is located. Now you have to walk towards the spectacular forest. Alimistan is a dreamy and foggy forest named after a village of the same name, whose pristine nature and the beauty of its trees full of its unique and universal ranges. By entering this forest with a magnificent view of Damavand Peak, massive green trees and magnificent plains, you will be magic  and for a moment you feel like you do not want to miss the spectacular nature of this beautiful painting. Alimistan forest is also famous for its particular form of trees, the other is due to the place of life of certain animals and some of them are also waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Alimistan forest is one of the natural habitats of the Ely mouth plant that is worthy of food and locals have it on their every day meal.
On the trip to Alimistan Forest you can enjoy the following activities: Jungle Trekking – Picnic-Photography-Conquest of Alimistan Peak-Visiting Rokh-e Rostam-Going to Tomb of Imamzadeh Ghasem-Cycling-Horses

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