Safari Tour in Kish Island (Desert Safari)
One of the most popular types of safari tours is the desert tour which its location and route is on the desert. BGS Travel known where and how to take you to the best destination. The types of vehicles used in these tours include two-dimensional and four-axle vehicles such as Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser or even camels would be fun. The climatic conditions required for a desert tour are the warm and dry nature of desert and semi-desert.
Kish Island has a potential talent for this type of tour, given the weather conditions and suitable location for accommodating tourists, and BGS travel tour organizer team has managed best Safari tours in the Kish Island and is  planning to  invest in the realization of this talent. Safari is the perfect environment for motorcycle experience with Buggy motor bike, ATV, Trail, and Cross engines. For more information and familiarity with the facilities in this area, contact BGS travel Safari tour segment. we do offer several standard deserts to suggest that all provide the ability to experience racing and motoring in diverse fields for different ages in safe conditions.

Safari Tour in Yazd Province (Desert Safari)
BGS Travel safari Tour Makers, providing Special Yazd tours,Your Yazd  tour is incomplete without Evening Desert Safari.  A memory to share with your family and friends. This trip will give you unique experience of dune on sand.  The Desert is one of the beautiful nature amazing gift. When you entered in the desert the shiny Sand and sunset view will give you the more attraction. Our professional drivers will give you thrilling rid of dune bashing with Red Sand / White Sand. After that traditional well come waiting for you in the camp with dinner and much more entertainment show. Desert with 4weel, Land Rover and Land Cruz is one of the most exciting cold weather tours, although the history of such tours under the name of Safari tour is still young in the Country.
Due to the weather conditions and suitable location for accommodating tourists, Yazd is a city that has the potential talent for this type of tour, and BGS Travel Safari tour segment is facilitated enough to provide all the things that a super desert safari tour can offer.

Safari Tour in Maranjab City in Isfahan Province(Desert Safari)
One of the most famous types of safari tours is the desert tour which will be held normally on deserts and Kavir and Iran is reach in both. Suitable vehicles used in these tours are available. The climatic conditions required for a desert tour are the warm and dry nature of desert and semi-desert. The BGS Travel nature guard group will host a trip to the Maranjab Desert, which will take place in winter and fall with Safari cars. The spectacular attractions include the safari patrols of the desert, the climbing experience of the sand dunes, the sight of the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Salt Lake and hexagonal plains, and visit the Cunning Island. At the same time, experiencing drivers with a nature guard guide will be the organizers of this trip.
Aran and Bidgol desert is located north of Aran and Bidgol city in Isfahan province. This desert is bounded from the north to the salt lake Aran and Bidgol, from the west to the Desert Moselle and the salt lakes of the Hoz Soltan and Hawzar, from the east to the desert of Band Rig and the Desert National Park, and to the south to Aran and Bidgol.
The average altitude of the Maranjab desert is about 850 m. The highest point of the island is about 880 m above sea level. Security, relative moderation, diversity of tourist attractions, diversity of animal species and vegetation in desert areas It has provided a great place for tourism and investment in this region and attracts many tourists to this area. The main part of this desert is covered with sand dunes and rivers. Maranjab Desert is very rich in vegetation. The main vegetation of the region includes passionate plants such as Gaz and Arch trees and scythe shrubs. In this type of touring from origin to destination, the land rovers move with the presence of three passengers on the specified route, and the tour members, taking into account the general order, take adventurous travelers for various purposes. The main thing about these tours is the experience of living in nature and the multi-day camping.


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