“BGS Travel is leading specialist in cultural tours, organising a unique series of all-inclusive diffrent kinds of cultural tours , around 300 small-group tours every year in the IRAn, continental Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India, China,…..
All aspects of our cultural tours have been carefully researched, tried and arranged by members of ITstaff, including the best authentic restaurants and comfortable hotels. There are no hidden extras. The price covers nearly everything..”
AtBGS travel, our team of expert holidaymakers have been doing that and more for our esteemed patrons for years now. Whether you intend to discover Iran and its various wonders or find out the true essence of IncredibleIran look no further.
Iran has always been the best destination and full of surprises country for cultural ,historical places to be study, Straddles the border between East and West, home of one of the oldest civilizations in the world and provides travelers an opportunity to experience a culture in its purest sense. Till now most visitors are surprised by a country that they haven’t heard enough or nothing about its precious ,unique culture and other, through the news media. Now, BGS travel as a guided group tour and equipped your visa and stay in Iran, will make a simple travel for travelers to Iran for the best discover on this highlight of the Middle East.
Visitors can enjoy two different sides of the country. Modern Iran is a progressive place, making strides in the sciences and architecture. Yet around every corner you’ll find remnants of ancient civilizations.




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