The only reason of jumping from height is not about incidents and excitement, and many of them do it because o to release their energy and their worry. For example, many athletes who are on the verge of a tough competition by doing this exercise are far from all the pressures before the game and then can easily participate. So if you want to succeed in your professional expertise, if you want to make big decisions or if you want to have a healthy and happy mood by eliminating tensions, then BGS Travel offers you to experience the excitement with us.
This sport may be classified in the category of risky sports, but in fact there are a lot of fans among Iranian women, to do it. many  believe that Iranian women are more likely than men to fall 40 meters high. It’s been a couple of years since Bunching has arrived in Iran, but still many are strangers with this sport. Iran has also provided equipment in a number of tourist and recreational centers to help fans of free jumping experience.
Maybe Bunching  Jumping is one of the best ways to suddenly increase adrenalin blood. In today’s modern world, this activity is only a fun part and has become an epidemic of sport that can be done anywhere in the world, but usually places are chosen that have a beautiful view to add to its excitement .The birthday of this sport in Iran is not so long. Bunching was the first to perform at the Bunching Tochal jumping club and less than a year ago, the second bungee launch platform was opened in the boat sector of the province with the jump of Mahsa Ahmadi, a lady of the Iranian stork.

Best places for bungee jumping recommended by BGS Group:

Bunching Jumping in Hamadan: Bungee Jumping in Hamadan, is the tallest bungee of Iran with a height of 42 meters and the second largest bungee ball (jump platform) in the Middle East. It has the ability to hold competitions and has no limits to jumping ladies and gentlemen. It is worth mentioning that this structure is designed to jump people between 45 and 90 kilograms in weight.
Resort, but not the only place equipped with these facilities. In the city of Hamedan and the spectacular collection of Ganjnameh Valley everyone can also jump free! Ganjnameh inscriptions are located five kilometers west of Hamedan and at the end of Abbas Abad valley. Memorials from the era of Darius and Achaemenid Xerxes, engraved on one of the cliffs of Mount Alvand, and the name of the Achaemenid summer capital. But you will not go through the Achaemenid memorials while traveling to Ganjmanet. Near Ganjnameh Valley, a beautiful view of Ganjnameh Waterfall and the Valley of Abbas Abad, Dark Valley and Kyvarstan, can be seen as a good option for valley tour .

Another offer for Bunchy Jumping Rage Valley in Rafsanjan,Iran: Rage valley in the nature of Rafsanjan (Meymand village) belonging to Kerman province, another place to conduct bungie jumping in Iran,A visit to the beautiful nature of the plain and the spectacular valley of Ragh and the historic home of Haj Agha Ali (the world’s largest brick house), the village of Maysamand, the windpipe and the Sirjan stone garden and Zayn al-Din caravansary.
In this beautiful valley you can also experience the excitement too :
(Dareye Eshgh)The Valley of Love is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, and brings a lot of passengers every year. This dream valley is located in Mashayekh area (Ardal city) 110 km from Kordestan city.
The valley of love can be described from the smallest areas of tourism in Shahr-Kord, which shines with its wild nature and stunning scenery around it, like a pearl shining in the Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. The Valley of Love is the place of passage of the most important rivers of the province – the Karoonu River and you can visit this valley of beautiful villages with houses. There is a wonderful village and the architecture of the houses has multiplied the beauty of the area, and you can try bunchy jumping in thi Valley too.
The wonder Valley Of Gheshm(Stars Valley): There is a beautiful erosion around Qeshm Valley, due to the strange appearance of the valley and the clearness of stars ,locals believe that, because of the fall of a star from the sky, this form has been created. But it’s actually caused by the volcanoes and monsoon rains of this valley. The natives also believe that at nights of the valley, some ghosts appear in the place of Valley. In the local dialect, this region is called OTTIVE STAR. The flow of air in the valley and the production of sound caused some entry into the valley at night makes it strange and mystery for them. The presence of these fictional stories and the iconic form of the rocks of this region from Qeshm Island has led to the visitation of the valley of stars or the valley of stars as one of the seven wonders of Qeshm, and the island’s tourists visited their island attractions. The area is also on the planet. Almost all of the statues in this valley are earthy and somewhat reminded of the Loot desert clutches. Just like the desert that holds the stars in place, here at night the stars look closer.Darandhad is a village about 24 km from the city of Zenouz, and its reputation is due to the beauty of the valley which is caused by water erosion along the river. The valley is located on the southeast slopes of Kiyomaki Highlands, one of the most protected areas. The village of Dardads and Horus has a beautiful nature and a pleasant climate, due to its excellent geographical location. The valley is on the slopes of Mount Zaidar, and its landscapes look good  in all season.

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