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Asif mansion is located in the center of Sanandaj city in Shapoor(Imam) street near Darolehsan mosque. Asif mansion set which has a space of about four thousand square meters was established by “senior Asif” (Mirza Ali Naghi Khan Lashgarnevis) in Safavid era.
Early founders of this building were trusted Hashemi family, and the minister Mirza Mohammad Reza “father of Asif” has presumably owned its court. During Asif era, such a mansion achieved its final glory and therefore it is known as Asif mansion. Asif mansion in addition to facade and entrance hall has four yards which are famous as external (original) yard, internal yard, servant’s yard and kitchen yard. Mansion’s bathroom has carved rocky columns and limy and tile work decorations. In the western south part of mansion, private bathroom is constructed with architectural style of Iranian bathrooms and has limy figures. The needed water of Asif building set is provided by a series of qanats which flow from the west of Sanandaj by pottery water pipes and new metal pipes. To adjust and distribute the water properly, a space is constructed next to the entrance corridor which is known as water distribution room and the water opposite the hall and pool water of servants’ yards and internal waters are provided by that.
Internal facade of building which has brick made face to the form of a half corridor has been constructed based on Iranian baroque style. Its ceremonies hall, columnar porch and sash window are considered as very beautiful parts of building. The building includes architectural decorations such as molding, decoration with mirror and wooden decorations. Anthropology museum of Kurdish regions or “kurd house” is the biggest anthropology museum related to a nation in Iran. The first stage of Kurd house project which has allocated Asif mansion to itself includes art gallery and internal yard, bathroom, urban life balconies, school, crocheting, jewelry, agricultural section, jobs and techniques, department of documents and historical photos, chamber, clothing section, hunting booth, handmade industries room, kitchen section room of rural life, library and documents center.
Sanandaj Asif mansion has been registered in 1996 to the number 1822 among the list of national heritages of the country.


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